Extremely high-volume.

The stormwater which cannot infiltrate into the ground in a natural way is stored underground to subsequently infiltrate, retain or use it as required. This is what storage/infiltration systems are used for.

Pipe and gravel swales only use approx. 30 % of their volume to store water. Therefore, three times the required water storage volume must be provided by excavation. This requires lots of space which is frequently not available in urban areas.
Rigofill ST and Rigofill ST-B storage/infiltration systems save an enormous amount of space and excavation work. Thus, subsoil storage spaces for stormwater can be built in a very efficient and cost-saving way. The column void of the storage/infiltration system is 100 % available as storage space.

>96 % With this extremely high storage volume, Rigofill ST and Rigofill ST-B earn the leading position on the market for storage/infiltration modules.